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Cloud computing is a key enabler of disruptive innovation, a driver of unprecedented industry change. Correspondingly, cloud presents a ubiquitous opportunity for innovation, efficiency, and agility across all functions within an organization. Firms are eager to leverage the cloud’s benefits to unlock the full potential of their business. However, the alignment of existing operational procedures, governance, and security policies with a cloud solution that delivers a specific business outcome can be complex. With an increasing number of companies offering an ever-growing menu of cloud computing solutions, choosing the right cloud provider can be challenging. Cogeco Peer 1 supplies its customers with fast, reliable and secure ability to access, manage, move and store large amounts of data worldwide. It’s not surprising that some of the world’s largest companies and public sector organizations host, store, and secure their most mission-critical data with Cogeco Peer 1.

Enterprises are undergoing a profound digital transformation and organizations must recognize that cloud represents an opportunity for dramatic innovation that can enable businesses to be more competitive and, ultimately, grow faster. Bertrand Labelle, Vice President Marketing and Product, Cogeco Peer 1 explains, “Every day we witness disruptive innovation-tangible examples of our customers exploiting the cloud to unlock the full potential of their business. Whether it’s shortening product development time, improving data analytics capabilities, or simply delivering superior customer experiences—cloud is enabling true, measurable, and sustainable competitive advantage. This innovation modality is, in turn, nurturing a rapid acceleration in enterprise cloud adoption—driven by the desire to dramatically improve business outcomes across the digital enterprise.”

In support of this digital transformation, Cogeco Peer 1 delivers a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions that align enterprise technology, process and people with strategic business objectives.

Cloud adoption is driven by the desire to improve business outcomes–by increasing IT agility, enhancing service levels, or simply optimizing IT cost

Shunning the one-size fits all approach of current cloud providers, each Cogeco Peer 1 cloud is perceptively designed and uniquelyoptimized to achieve the perfect balance of agility, flexibility and scale that meet the unique needs of a spectrum of enterprise functions and IT workloads. The company’s cloud storage solutions span from the ultimate in extreme performance with Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed Input Output Operations per Second (IOPS) that meets the demands of big data and database applications, to global content storage and distribution designed to optimally deliver web scale. For the ultimate in data compliance and control, the Cogeco Peer 1 cloud solution suite is backed by a suite of global data centers built to secure, scale, and protect critical storage infrastructure and meeting-country data residency requirements.

With every cloud solution, Cogeco Peer 1’s top priority is securing and protecting customer’s data. At every level, within every physical location and across network, cloud and hosting platforms, Cogeco Peer 1 provides a range of robust and up-to-date data security measures and critical cloud based data backup and restoration services.

In the years to come, Cogeco Peer 1 looks to enable each of its customers to achieve the extraordinary. “This can only be achieved by developing real business intimacy. The powerful relationships we build with each and every customer are a result of the passion and commitment of our people—all experts in their fields,” says Labelle. He further adds, “The Cogeco Peer 1 team isn’t an extension of our customer’s team—they are part of it, anticipating daily challenges and collaborating from strategy to operations, core IT to the delivery of their customer facing applications.”

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Bertrand Labelle, VP Marketing

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