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Cloud has enabled businesses to grow faster by leveraging exponentially growing volume of data. However, with complex integrations between applications and data in hybrid cloud environments that provides lesser visibility, businesses find it daunting to secure and monetize their data for business gains. As a provider of cloud-based IT solutions and services with expertise in backup and disaster recovery, Computer Design & Integration (CDI) helps organizations to sustain business continuity by securing their data across the on-premise, private, public, and hybrid environments. “We are focused on providing a superior customer experience that helps clients achieve greater operational efficiencies and tighter controls on their environment,” says John Carter, President, CDI Managed Services.

CDI offers backup and replication technologies in a single solution that provides faster means of recovering virtual applications and data. Built on EMC technology, CDI leverages EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems, EMC Avamar, and EMC Isilon to offer enterprise-grade backup and recovery across virtual and physical IT infrastructure. These solutions are tailored for use in VMware, Network Attached Storage (NAS) environments to secure business critical applications, physical servers, and remote office desktops and mobile devices. While using less bandwidth across the network, CDI offers faster backups with a throughput of up to 31TB per hour. CDI ensures security of the backup data by encrypting the data during transit to the data centers. Moreover, the remote office backup can be centralized through a single user interface. The geographically dispersed network of SOC II Type II certified data centers ensure businesses to be operational regardless of the point-of-failure location across their cloud infrastructure.

In providing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), CDI meets compliance standards and personalized SLA requirements. Businesses can define their Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for key IT systems and business processes.This helps clients in replicating real-time copies of their virtualized applications and data with granular recovery specifications in less time.

We are focused on providing a superior customer experience that helps clients achieve greater operational efficiencies and tighter controls on their environment

Moreover, it provides automated recovery with one-click recovery for virtual machines, applications, and network configuration.

CDI facilitates businesses with customization to define their backup and data recovery strategy. With the option to replicate workloads to premium cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, businesses can secure their data from any storage platform in a platform-agnostic manner. With CDI, clients can test their disaster recovery plan in prior to checking the resiliency of their IT infrastructure.

With over 20 years of experience in IT services arena, CDI today caters to a multitude of business from industries such as financial services, healthcare, legal services, media and entertainment, helping them to stay meet their technology goals and stay productive. In one such instance, CDI was approached by a hedge fund which had its own disaster recovery infrastructure installed in a colocation space in a far off data center. Cumbersome and incomplete—the challenges were just too many for the client in managing IT infrastructure before they finally roped in CDI to bail them out of the situation. CDI provided them a fully managed, cloud-based solution with continuous replication enabling the client to focus on growing their investment portfolio.

Apart from backup and disaster recovery services, CDI offers cloud-based solutions for automation, hyper-converged infrastructure, mobility, end-user computing, unified communications, and software-defined networking and datacenter. Being recognized as a VMware Partner Professional Services Program as Enterprise partner recently, CDI is looking forward to meet clients’ complex IT data management needs in software-defined data centers.

computer design integration cdi


John Carter, President

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