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Top 10 Disaster Recovery Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Over the years, cloud technology has grown at an exponential rate, allowing various organizations to take advantage of the latest methods for backing up and recovering data. DRaaS is a BDR model that uses the latest cloud computing technology to protect your data and applications from downtime. Also called Business-Continuity-as-a-Service (BCaaS), DRaaS can fully replicate and back up all your cloud data and applications while acting as a secondary infrastructure at the same time.

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) are now working on automating cloud BDR processes. With the threat of security breaches growing every day, it’s not enough to rely on your employees to back up all of your company’s data. One growing trend that business owners are looking for is a cloud backup solution with geo-redundant storage capabilities. Adopting an automated BDR system that will back up a company’s sensitive data at scheduled intervals will minimize human error and prevent any accidental loss of data.

SSDs are a new generation of storage devices that use flash-based memory instead of small moving parts. This allows SSDs to deliver information faster than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). With the absence of moving parts, SSDs use less energy and are more durable than HDDs. The only drawback is that SSDs are still very expensive, and not all organizations can afford them. Data storage has become much more intricate and risky over the last few years, and flash storage is an evolving concept that is further influencing enterprise data protection strategies. Solid State Drives (SSDs) that rely on all-flash storage have now become more affordable, and organizations are increasingly turning to them over traditional rotational drives due to factors such as speed, storage size and price. Going forward, these drives are poised to become even smaller with larger storage capacities – as seen in Intel and Micron’s ION series with capacities up to 7680 GB. This is sure to boost the way in which enterprises achieve efficiency, energy savings and speed with regard to their integrated data backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

As enterprises renew their IT expenditure strategies to meet the growing competitive demands of the digital era, data protection will continue to remain a key focus area. By automating data backup and disaster recovery mechanisms, organizations can reduce costs, mitigate data breach risks, and significantly speed up their essential data recovery strategies.

We present to you “Top 10 Disaster Recovery Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Disaster Recovery Consulting/Service Companies

  • Faction is a leading multi-cloud data services provider that pioneered cloud-adjacent storage powered by patented technology that provides data access over low latency, high throughput connections to all the major clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Faction is also a leading managed service provider for VMware Cloud on AWS, including disaster recovery and production deployments, and was the first to offer cloud-attached storage solutions that integrate natively with VMware Cloud on AWS

  • MHA Consulting is a leading business continuity consulting and disaster recovery planning firm catering to public and private businesses across the globe. With more than two decades of experience, the company is well-recognized for its exceptional prowess and remarkable results across various industries, assisting businesses to protect trillions of dollars in global-market assets.MHA Consulting specializes in providing personalized disaster recovery recommendations that align with the client’s unique needs around their culture, people, and business needs. At the core of these exceptional capabilities is the combined experience MHA’s experts bring to the table

  • Advanced Backup Solutions(ABS)

    Advanced Backup Solutions(ABS)

    Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS) is a leading provider of data protection and disaster recovery services to organizations serious about business continuity. Founded in 2005, ABS has been providing data protection, disaster recovery services, and exceptional customer service to a diverse portfolio of partners and their customers across a multitude of industries. Whether client’s are a small local business or a large national chain, ABS can provide you with solutions that will ensure client’s data is protected. The firm’s mission is to provide our partners and their customers with leading edge, enterprise-class solutions that enable true business continuity

  • Alpha Engineering Associates

    Alpha Engineering Associates

    Based out of Annapolis, Maryland – Alpha has been providing client focused I.T. managed services and solutions since 1990. Founded by Dale Watson from Bowie, Maryland - with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Maryland. Nine years of experience as an environmental and quality control chemist, analyzing samples using various laboratory instruments and optimizing the data processing functions of instrument workstations and microcomputers through the development of custom software applications

  • Diverse Tech Services

    Diverse Tech Services

    Since 2009, Diverse Tech Services has helped companies grow by reducing the hassle and cost of managing their IT infrastructure and protecting their critical data. With teams of IT experts on-call 24 / 7 / 365, we provide a turn-key IT solution, including IT infrastructure management, application development, professional services and consulting, hardware and software sales and support. Diverse Tech Services is a top-ranked IT Services and Solutions firm in the Indianapolis Business Journal Book of Lists. In addition, we are the largest Indiana-based certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

  • Dobler Consulting

    Dobler Consulting

    Dobler Consulting is a database services and information technology company that provides a wide spectrum of world-class solutions to clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, media services, healthcare, transportation and financial services. Founded in 2008 the team specializes in helping clients maximize their Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Sybase database technologies. Serving as a trusted data consulting partner, Dobler Consulting experts provide architectural and high availability design reviews, implementation assistance, performance tuning and load balancing expertise, product training, ongoing support and preventative maintenance

  • ProActive Solutions

    ProActive Solutions

    ProActive Solutions, Inc. is a professional firm providing technology solutions and services to enhance clients’ organizational performance. Servicing a variety of industry clients that include Fortune 500, state and local government. and emerging mid-size organizations, ProActive Solutions is an expert in improving the speed, efficiency and quality of IT environments. Founded in 1996, ProActive’s initial specialty focused on IBM’s AS400. Since then, ProActive has expanded and evolved to offer the best products and services in the disciplines of Servers, Storage, Virtualization, Business Continuity, Business Intelligence and Consulting Services

  • QStar Technologies

    QStar Technologies

    Founded in 1987, QStar Technologies is a leading global provider of enterprise-class archive and data management software solutions. QStar software is a key element in creating ‘Active Archive’ solutions. The software virtualizes archive technology behind a file system, making the entire archive appear as NAS disk. Users and applications can easily search and retrieve data directly from the archive. Even offline media is efficiently tracked for simple retrieval

  • Technology Partners

    Technology Partners

    Technology Partners is a 2019 Top Workplace and a certified Women Business Enterprise. The team strives to develop lasting partnerships that deliver a clear IT advantage. With an NPS score 65 points higher than the industry average, clients receive peace of mind knowing that they are working with the best IT talent the region has to offer. The firm provides IT solutions that are flexible, scalable, cost-effective, efficient, and productive. Let us be the clear partner of choice for IT needs

  • Vista IT Solutions

    Vista IT Solutions

    Vista IT Solutions is one of the leading IT Companies in Cheshire, Connecticut which is a global managed technology services (MSP) and software solutions provider. With a perfect balance between ground breaking creativity and technical solutions, we promise to provide you best service experience available in the industry. VITS is an engineering powerhouse of expert professionals with experience dedicated for developing turnkey solutions backed by outstanding customer service and resources