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CIO VendorRob Lovell, CEO
The newly spun-out Virtuozzo— ably led by CEO Rob Lovell and team who combine an experience of 70 years in networking, cloud and hosting industries—has the zest to innovate infused in its DNA. Fifteen years ago, Virtuozzo developed the first commercially available container technology that has more than five million mission critical cloud workloads powered by Virtuozzo infrastructure. Today, Virtuozzo continues to innovate in areas ranging from industry-leading virtualized cloud storage and cloud-optimized Linux distributions to groundbreaking container migration technologies. “In today’s business environment, using the cloud for storage is a no-brainer,” states Lovell. It’s all about selecting the right cloud storage solution instilled with features optimized for the cloud.

“Virtuozzo Storage enables business-critical systems to run efficiently with elastic, scalable storage at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions,” says Lovell. The solution comes with a highly available, distributed storage system that has a built-in replication and disaster recovery. Also, the clients can build fault-tolerant, multi-machine storage clusters using their servers’ pre-existing, locally attached hard drives, with no additional hardware costs.

Virtuozzo Storage enables clients to turn their unused disk space on server nodes into low cost cloud storage by transforming them into a shared, highly available storage cluster. Each of the stored files is broken into fixed-sized data chunks. The chunks are then replicated and stored across disk arrays in the cluster as part of the backup process. In case of a hardware failure, Virtuozzo automatically regenerates the lost data to ensure that the storage cluster stays healthy, resilient, and reliable. During recovery, the storage cluster adjusts to provide continuous data access for clients and recovers damaged, lost, or inaccessible data replicas below the configured replication level.

Virtuozzo Storage enables business-critical systems to run efficiently with elastic, scalable storage at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions

“We designed Virtuozzo Storage from scratch to work with virtualized environments,” states Lovell. “In an eventuality of the original server becoming unavailable, Virtuozzo decouples computation from storage, enabling VMs and containers to instantly migrate to another physical server.” Storage for VMs and containers is no longer limited to locally attached disks as the server can access the entire cluster distributed across multiple physical machines. The solution eliminates server downtime due to hardware failures and delivers highly available cloud servers with zero downtime, live server migration, and non-disruptive replication. “Virtuozzo Storage is the only solution that allows coexistence and migration between servers running container or hypervisor technology,” says Lovell. The system automatically switches to redundant data copies and quickly restarts the service on another physical machine in case of a hardware failure. To ensure data protection, Virtuozzo Storage provides user data check-summing and verification while performing background data verification scrubbing to ensure readable, correct data.

“Virtuozzo's spin-out will accelerate product development and partner focus,” says Lovell. “We have new product roadmaps and have enhanced our focus on our channel to significantly accelerate growth of our industry leading container, storage and virtualization technologies.” Combining the scale and scope of a well-established global business, with the entrepreneurial energy and focus of a startup, Virtuozzo strives to significantly add value to its product portfolio and partners through a number of initiatives. “As an independent company, we are able to sharpen our focus and deliver on our commitments to enable service providers and channel partners to add value, efficiency and portability to their customers,” says Lovell.



Rob Lovell, CEO

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