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Encrypting Cloud Storage

CIO VendorAndreas Maier, CEO and President
The exponential rise of converged infrastructure, flash and hybrid cloud is disrupting the cloud storage landscape. With data resilience and cloud technologies changing the way enterprise views and utilizes storage, the shift is beyond traditional IT silos. In tandem, the disruptive forces and the advantages of storing data in the cloud, there are also fundamental security concerns. As data moves outside the well established and carefully constructed security perimeters of an organization, businesses are hesitant to risk the basic tenets of security. “Whenever we talk to companies—small or large—security is the major concern, especially when companies migrate from their own infrastructure to the cloud,” says Andreas Maier, CEO and President, XXL Cloud. Established through an idea to make the cloud a reliable and safe place—for the user and the data stored in the cloud, XXL Cloud provides next generation cloud storage services that are secure and reliable. “Protecting data is not about having something to hide, it is your constitutional right to protect the data which is private and confidential to you as an individual,” says Maier.

XXL Box for Business is a cloud storage, file sharing and backup solution built for a secure collaboration internally and externally of an organization. Making data access safe, reliable, and rapid for users, the software controls the cloud infrastructure and manages resources, thereby providing an organization total privacy within its own network. The service encrypts data, in transit and in the cloud and is compatible on all smart devices, with access information stored in a Corporate Cloud. “With XXL Box, security and encryption is not a feature, but a building block of our software, which sits deep down in the core and follows every layer up to the user interface,” extols Maier. XXL Box can be virtually setup in an organization’s private cloud storage at any requested location globally with storage offered in multiples of six Terabytes.

Protecting data is not about having something to hide, it is your constitutional right to protect the data which is private and confidential to you as an individual

“Our alliance with Rackspace and Softlayer adds datacenters to our repository on every continent and in every region—this allows us to virtually cover every spot on earth,” says Maier.

With two main goals of researching new security features and implementing feature requests made by users, XXL Cloud’s Research Lab leaves no stone unturned to improve encryption and make it future proof. Heeding to users requests, XXL Cloud for Business’ upcoming features include streaming video and audio as well as editing capabilities of standard software formats like Word Documents, Spreadsheets and others.

On the encryption front, Maier cites the recent case of FBI-Apple encryption dispute and threw a challenge to check the vulnerability of their XXL Box cloud storage system. In such a situation the firm announced that if any hacker breaks the security code and is able to notify the hacking procedure then he would be rewarded with 100,000 USD. “Until now thousands have tried, no one has succeeded. Hardening and improving our own product and staying ahead are the best ways of protecting against security services hacking into our user’s data,” lauds Maier.

The company recently enabled a Re¬search Lab in the weather vertical to store 15 Petabytes of continu-ously rotating data before and after feeding data into their processing pipeline. “What is important in such extreme cases is throughput. We are able to achieve 150,000 IO transactions per second in a Private Cloud environment with trivial cost,” says Maier. For the road ahead, XXL Cloud is constantly approaching new markets. “Our next major goal is hitting the Asian market,” concludes Maier.

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Andreas Maier, CEO and President

Provider of next-generation secure cloud storage service