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3 High-Tech Ways to Enhance Cloud Security

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Cloud technology has been instrumental in reorienting the legacy of business perceptions globally. With the onset of the widespread influence of cloud computing techniques, cloud security has also become the prime factor of importance. While businesses are increasingly embracing cloud-based data management services such as information sharing and reposition using cloud storage, object storage, and network algorithms,  cloud technologists have devised smart and reliable cloud security solutions, which have the power of successfully overcoming real-time data attacks and anomalies. The following describes the latest cloud security hacks, specially designed for modern enterprise cloud infrastructure.  

• Cloud Data Encryption

Since critical enterprise data stored on cloud needs to be highly secured, business models follow advanced data encryption methods. There are various techniques to encrypt data, and they prevent attackers and intruders from gaining access to the cloud and invade data. Along with the use of private and secret keys, encryption also ensures user authorization to preserve cloud data authentication.  

• Legit Data Backup and Recovery 

Data theft results in irreparable damage at the cost of enterprise integrity. Sophisticated backup strategies and recovery methods help in safeguarding crucial data from being stolen or manipulated. Cloud deployments are now leveraging data backup plans to mitigate the undesired loss of valuable information.  

• Real-time Cloud Monitoring

Cloud service providers are now integrating a host of automated monitors, which not only check for anomalies but also carefully analyze causes and consequences of factors responsible for efficiency, performance, security, processing speed, and more. These real-time checks also add to the functionality offered by the end-to-end cloud security system.

A solution is said to be purposeful only if it provides insights into overcoming the dark side of it along with all the specially designed use cases and features, which the system is intended to. With advanced security functions, cloud deployments are sure to serve the millennial enterprise, optimally. 

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