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4 To-Do Plans for Cloud Migration

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, October 09, 2020

With the disruption caused by the Cloud Technology, every business wishes to move their operations to cloud. Is it that simple? Yes, if planned well. Businesses need to have an effective plan before migrating to Cloud. Read few tips to have a better plan

FREMONT, CA: Every business strives to make the best use of cloud, but gets a jolt while start using it. For a successful deployment of cloud and harnessing its benefits, organizations need to have an effective plan. Cloud service providers help customers make plans and adopt public IaaS cloud computing resources. Here, in this article, we discuss four tips that are key for a successful cloud rollout.

Consult Stakeholders

Once a company has decided to use IaaS cloud computing services, it is essential to have a level-set meeting with all its internal as well as external stakeholders to get a unanimous decision. Typical stakeholders for such discussion includes security managers, finance and procurement professionals, infrastructure engineers, operation workers, and third-party consultants. The stakeholders involved in the meeting must get a clear message as to why the cloud is being explored.

Measure Economic Feasibility

Top Cloud Communications Solution CompaniesThe next big thing after getting stakeholder's consent to move to the cloud is to measure economic feasibility. Cost is undeniably an important thing. There is no simple calculation for determining and comparing the costs of moving to the cloud with the on-premise cost. It is important to know that cloud computing has various architectural designs that cost differently. Hence, businesses need to assess their needs and then opt for the best architecture that fits their requirements. This helps businesses to save unnecessary costs.

Establish a Cloud Business Office (CBO)

After going through the above processes and signing an agreement with the cloud service providers, businesses must create a Cloud Business Office, otherwise called as Cloud Council or a Center of Excellence. This office involves the point people like cloud engineers, compliance/risk officers, application owners, IT, and finance who are responsible for cloud deployment and manage the costs. The CBO is the body that will execute the plan of moving to the cloud.

Security Assessment

Another most important thing to determine before migrating to the cloud is the security profile. It entirely depends on the individual companies as what standards they want to set for cloud usage. Cloud service providers help businesses to choose the standards.

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