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5 Industries, 5 Different Applications, and 1 Technology: Cloud Computing

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

Cloud based solutions are not only the most popular among the latest technologies, but also the most flexible and multifunctional.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing has become popular among all industries; the cloud vendors have developed solutions for every kind of problem specific to a particular sector. The industries have not only implemented the solution but have also reaped benefits. The below list focuses on five sectors that have adopted cloud and how they make it work for them:


Healthcare industry has overcome the security misconception by concentrating much more on client safety, privacy, and security. Most of the cloud storage vendors in the industry feature compliance report from HIPAA to ensure proper client data management. The latest tool in healthcare is the cloud-based diagnosis systems, which implement machine learning and predictive analysis to conduct medical diagnosis and recommend treatment options.

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 Enterprises from all verticals and finance departments can benefit from cloud solutions by reducing the cost of maintenance of servers. Cloud also has various tools specifically for the financial industry itself. Many institutions have already adopted SaaS programs to assist in tracking of records and handling of back-office tasks. Capital markets have incorporated cloud-powered AI and machine learning solutions to create design investment strategies and financial data management.


Education institutions can implement cloud-based solutions among employees and students. The departments like IT and Faculty can privatize the data they work with and secure the cloud by maintaining compliance with regulations and policies. The cloud encourages collaboration between students, as everyone is given access to the same application. These programs allow the operation of educational infrastructure to take advantage of the same. 


A significant draw in technology for the automotive industry is to be updated with their supply. It creates an enhanced interaction between the customers and the company. Having a common cloud between the suppliers and manufacturers is a simplified method to communicate the demand existing in particular parts. With popularity increasing in smart cars, cloud-based analytics solutions assist the auto companies to interpret the massive data collected.


The manufacturing industry can implement numerous cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions at each step of the process. This software will quicken the funnel orders in any size via the same channels and deploys products to meet them.