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5 Ways Cloud Computing can Assist Medical Care Providers

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Sunday, November 01, 2020

From saving costs to streamlining workflows, cloud-based technologies are revolutionizing the healthcare providers and medical institutes.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud technology offers an array of benefits such as availability and accessibility to virtually endless scalability for the healthcare industry. Despite some minor concerns that surfaced initially, the adoption of cloud in healthcare is booming. As reported by Global Market Insights, the healthcare cloud computing market across the globe is poised to exceed $55 billion by 2025. Numerous healthcare organizations have popped up and benefitted from cloud adoption and the many features it offers. The top five ways to put the cloud to good use in healthcare are:

1. Effective Data Security:

There exists a huge gap in security measures and the protection of sensitive patient data in healthcare organizations. To tackle the hacking from leaking the confidential data, hybrid cloud solutions can be adapted to attain an optimal level of flexibility and the capacity to move applications among private and public clouds. 

2. Decreased Data Storage Costs:

Upfront hardware costs, ongoing costs due to maintenance of servers, physical spaces, and cooling solutions are some of the problems that occur while hosting on-premises datacenters. Cloud computing solution vendors can assist in the reduction of data storage costs by managing the orchestration, structure, and maintenance of cloud data storage services. 

3. Improved Collaboration:

 The rapid adoption of collaboration tools and cloud-based software helps the healthcare teams and leaderships to improve the clinician workflow for enhanced patient care, regardless of where the provider is located. 

4. Integrated and Efficient Patient Care:

Cloud storage, when implemented for electronic health records, helps streamline collaborative patient care, simplifying access to patient information for physicians. 

5. Enhanced Medical Research:

Similar to how cloud computing assists healthcare providers to capitalize on their data, the digitalization of healthcare information with cloud-based storage can facilitate medical researchers with improved access for various cases. On an academic front, the data can support several medical research projects, saving time and costs to conduct new surveys.

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