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ARM Leverages Zatar's mbed-Enabled Cloud Platform For Scaling IoT Services

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

FREMONT,CA-:. Zebra, a solution provider of real-time visibility into organizations’ assets, people and transactions has announced integration of its flagship product of Zatar IoT Cloud Service as an mbed-enabled connectivity with ARM’s mbed-enabled devices for commercial utility. By integrating the mbed-enabled Zatar, Zebra and ARM will help electronic manufacturers with mbed-enabled devices to rapidly and securely collect data from individual sensors to build end-to-end IoT solutions.

The latest development  will benefit electronic manufacturers and developers with mbed-enabled devices to expedite secure collection of data from individual sensors for efficient IoT solutions. It will also allow developers to transfer data between connected devices and the cloud platform with utmost ease, and it further helps proceeding applications that can function within wide variety of hardware ecosystem. A brief look at the services will bring to light some of the important facts associated with the new found partnership. The IoT Cloud Service is an ARM mbed-enabled cloud service integrated with the ARM mbed IoT device platform for information gathering from deployed sensors in any connected mbed-enabled device. Products powered by ARM mbed-enabled chips can easily register and use the Zatar IoT Cloud platform. The tie-up will also enable delivering solutions from edge node to the cloud along with full software support and security.

The ARM mbed ecosystem is expanding rapidly and we are extremely pleased that Zebra’s Zatar IoT platform will deploy our technologies,” said Krisztian Flautner, general manager, IoT business, ARM. “We are looking forward to this important collaboration with Zebra to promote the use of standards-based IoT solutions to businesses of all sizes.”

The collaboration redefines the way devices and things around us connect to the Internet using technology standards, a trend that is quickly becoming part of the enterprise. Zatar already has extended its cloud support to Atmel, Freescale Semiconductor and Renesas, demonstrating its pre-established and growing IoT ecosystem.

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