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Axsium and Opterus Collaborate to Improve Store Management Process

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

CHICAGO, IL: Axsium, provider of workforce management powers Opterus which delivers cost-effective management solution by leveraging Axsium’s work management software- Opus. The alliance will provide retailers with cloud-based management platform to maintain labor standards and provide end-to-end view of labor required to complete critical tasks. 

Opus software will drive productivity, efficiency and improve quality by delivering accurate and efficient labor standards through location-specific labor models. In addition Opterus’ Store Ops center will measure and increase operational compliance, communicate corporate policy, manage day-to-day objectives and tasks also handle issues between corporate office and store locations.

The software will provide and maintain standard labor management process by reducing the dependency on multiple tools for completion of task and helps built schedule to meet the task. By leveraging Store Ops – Center, retailers will be able manage and execute store tasks and communications. “Task management and effective communications are necessary for any store to meet its financial objectives, stores need to understand what their labor require and schedule them accordingly. Working together, Opterus and Axsium have a powerful solution to make sure stores have the information and labor necessary to get their critical tasks done in a cost-effective way,” says Robert Gardner, head of business development, Opterus. 

Opus’ most unique feature is its ability is to predict scenarios, analyze the impact and built possible labor model and deploy them to resolve the situation and manages the model in cloud by keeping the system up to date. “We are excited about this partnership. We want to build momentum and know that Opus makes the power of store Ops-center more dynamic,” says Bob Clements.