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Benefits of Edge Cloud Computing

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, December 19, 2019

The growth of the connected devices has witnessed a sea change, in terms of engagement between people and enterprises, recently. To be effective, the accessories must not entirely rely on the existing cloud Infrastructure that was built to support millions of siloed apps. Instead, a wholly decentralized approach is required to leverage the capability of the connected devices

Fremont, CA: Today, a lion’s share of the popular enterprise and customer applications are hosted in data centers. From Google and Facebook to YouTube and Instagram, this cloud-centric methodology has become an inevitable factor for enabling our connected lifestyles.

The fixed and hierarchical client-server approach has made the central cloud and network connectivity the bottleneck of future growth. The transfer of data from billions of devices to the centralized cloud server wastes the bandwidth as well as the energy, thereby raising critical social as well as economic implications.

Moreover, the developers are majorly relying on the cloud service providers, as they have access to the applications and the data stored in the server. The small number of cloud service providers has to manage a large number of the consumers as well as enterprise data. Again, regardless of all the high-level security solution, storing the data and the application on the third-party resources poses a grave threat to the owner's information.

In order to overcome such problems, the edge devices are capable of performing multiple functions on the server in the centralized cloud, which creates a hybrid edge cloud that is much more powerful than the centralized cloud.Top Hybrid Integration Solution Companies

There are significant benefits of the hybrid edge cloud, starting from the reduction of cloud hosting cost, communication bandwidth, minimal energy consumption, and improved network efficiency. It also increases data privacy and better control the overflow of data.

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