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Cloud-Clout Uses Motley of Clouds for Personal Storage

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Cloud-Clout, cloud storage startup has recently introduced a unique data storage system that encrypts and fragments users' data across multiple clouds. The company claims it to be a "bulletproof" data protection system.

The users need to register on four different cloud based services in order to deploy Cloud-Clout. It then disseminates the user’s data among them. Instead of opening multiple folders, through the Cloud-Clout app, all the data stored in various clouds can be accessed in one folder.

Cloud-Clout’s system moves to the ones with the highest speed leaving the broken and slower servers behind. This is due to the fact that Cloud-Clout works with multiple clouds that provide the highest available data-movement speed at any specific moment.

One of the interesting features of Cloud-Clout is that users can easily synchronize their data, wherever it is stored in the clouds, among their connected devices -smartphone, tablets, laptop, desktop PCs.

Eugene Shulha, Founder, Cloud-Clout, says, “Think of Cloud-Clout as your central storage of personal data on the internet that you can save and retrieve your digital assets from anywhere in the world from any internet enabled device.”