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Dell EMC Launches a Fully-managed Data Center-as-a-Service Solution

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, May 03, 2019

Dell prepares to take the infrastructure market by storm with the unveiling its new VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, a datacenter-as-a-service platform designed to be installed on-premises in the core and edge data centers of enterprises. It brings the speed and flexibility of the public cloud to an organization’s on-premise data center while maintaining the control and security of the on-premise infrastructure.

For the last decade, organizations have invested in multiple cloud platforms to attain the speed and flexibility of the public cloud, at the same time meeting their on-site workload requirements. However, this practice has caused organizational complexities and hindered innovation. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC eliminates the reliance on different cloud platforms, offering operational simplicity and ease of use, and encouraging organizations to focus on business innovation. Consequently, IT staff can jettison extensive maintenance and refocus their efforts on value-added services, while data and storage analysts can leverage the VMware cloud’s hybrid control plane for simple workload and storage management.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC has unraveled and streamlined the management of multiple cloud environments for CIOs and CTOs, providing unequaled consistency between on-premise and public cloud platforms. Instead of investing in several cloud platforms, organizations can now hire a single vendor to fulfill all their data center needs with the additional benefit of predictable and economical subscription pricing. Also, VMware Cloud on Dell has handed the necessary tools to CIOs and CTOs to upgrade their organizational operations, employing cutting-edge technologies to drive business innovation.

The simplicity of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is apparent from the moment the online order is placed. The cloud infrastructure is delivered, installed, serviced, and bolstered by Dell Technologies. Besides, VMware’s hybrid cloud control platform enables organizations to allocate and monitor their resources. The cloud infrastructure integrates security, networking, and policy management on one platform, making it ideal for industries such as banking, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing platform.

Dell EMC has developed data centers for thousands of customers, taking every possible variable into account to make the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC work seamlessly. The cloud infrastructure is built on VxRail, VMware’s industry-standard compute, storage and networking software and integrated with Dell EMC’s enterprise-grade HCI infrastructure. Consequently, it provides flexible and resilient architecture and enterprise-level security.

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