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EDJX and Edgevana Collaborates to Make EdjBlock Available Through Edgevana Marketplace

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, October 28, 2020

EdjBlock is a revolutionary new solution that makes it easy to bring workloads and applications closer to end-users and connected things.

FREMONT, CA: EDJX, a pioneer in distributed planet-scale edge computing technology, announced that it will partner with Edgevana to make EdjBlock available through the Edgevana marketplace. Edgevana is an intuitive online B2B marketplace platform that facilitates optimized transactions between data center operators, co-location providers, network providers, and end-user customers. EdjBlock is a pre-integrated edge computing infrastructure enabling rapid deployment and monetization of distributed CDN and edge computing services for EDJX customers and partners on the EDJX platform.

"Edgevana, through its bi-lateral marketplace, has created a path for buyers to more efficiently procure data center-related services and in addition will be working with the sellers to lower cost of operations and differentiate with new services like EdjBlock from EDJX," said EDJX CEO John Cowan.


Partnering with Edgevana advances EDJX's ability to place EdjBlocks globally through its relationships and deep network of co-location operators. EdjBlock's expanded availability through the Edgevana marketplace will also enable the Edgevana supply chain to earn passive income through the promotion and delivery of EDJX platform services, including but not limited to CDN, DNS, Serverless, and Object Storage feature on a public basis.

"One of our primary objectives is to help our community of operators become more competitive in a global market," said Mark Thiele, Edgevana CEO. "The potential for Edgevana to help EDJX expand more efficiently with our market access and advanced search capabilities while at the same time introducing a new revenue-generating opportunity is perfectly aligned and gives Edgevana a great advantage in being able to bring EdjBlock and other cutting edge EDJX technologies and edge servers to our B2B marketplace."