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Four Use Cases of Cloud for Disaster Recovery

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, June 07, 2021

Cloud technology allows users to access data on any device from any place, thus eliminating the risk of losing data altogether.

FREMONT, CA: From data storage to remote workspaces and big data analysis, businesses utilize the cloud to benefit their company in various ways. Data backup and recovery is one advantage of the cloud in the event of data loss or corruption.

Here are three uses of cloud for disaster recovery

Quick Turnaround Times

Files can be recovered quickly from the cloud if security is breached. Additionally, files are uploaded on a minute-to-minute basis by cloud providers so that the latest copies of the data are readily available.

Backup the Whole Server

Virtualization can enable users to back up the entire server and transfer the backups offsite when and where they want and make it easier to share with clients on a virtual server without the need for hardware or software reloads. It also


Cloud recovery is a cost-effective method because of its low start-up costs and low maintenance fees. It can also accommodate files in other capacities.