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Healthcare Organizations are Embracing Hybrid Cloud to Proffer Advanced Treatment Options

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, October 07, 2020

According to detailed research by Nutanix, the healthcare sector has finally gained enough confidence to migrate to hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is considered the safest 

Fremont, CA: Increasing patient care demand is aligning healthcare organizations around the world to leverage digital transformation. A detailed report by Nutanix says digital transformation has a significant impact on cloud implementation across various verticals in the industry. 

As the top healthcare IT trends go, 52 percent of healthcare companies give priority to personalized healthcare, and 44 percent say that AI assistants have had a positive effect on cloud adoption. To deliver the most advanced care, healthcare companies need to embrace cloud computing. Almost 55 percent of the healthcare respondents cited regulations governing data storage as the major influencing factor of the future of cloud model adoption in their organizations. The report also recognized that healthcare organizations were marginally less considerate when it came to cost and budget when compared to the speed of implementation of IT services

The research also reveals that security and compliance are ranked among the top factors that drive cloud deployment decisions. The top factor influencing their decision on where to host the given workload is data security and compliance. When compared, the cost was placed far away in the second position with just 16 percent. Furthermore, the majority of the respondents accounting to 60.4 percent have expressed that the state of intercloud security would be the only factor having a massive influence on their cloud deployments.

The hybrid cloud is considered the safest, with the public cloud being the least. The majority of healthcare organizations chose a hybrid cloud as it is deemed to be the most reliable IT operating model. After a hybrid cloud, a non-hosted private cloud ranks second in preference among healthcare IT pros. They indicated that the public cloud infrastructure is the least secure, similar to the other industries. 

In the next five years, healthcare companies have shared detailed plans to increase the use of hybrid clouds while decreasing the traditional data centre deployments. At present, the other industries have surpassed healthcare space with a higher rate of adoption of hybrid cloud. But, the research points out that the healthcare companies now have finally gained enough confidence, tools, and skills to overcome obstacles impeding the adoption of the cloud. 

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