Cloud Computing Outlook

Influence of New Age Technology

By Cloud Tech Insights | Friday, December 29, 2017

Technology has brought a massive change across businesses over the years now. It has been witnessed that collaboration and digital transformation are two integral part of technological evolution. These two have continuously shaped workplaces with varied changes that are required with time. Cloud has played a vital role in transforming and shaping business operations. The next generation technology can be defined as adaptive, modular and solutions based or Cloud based. It is the influence of Cloud that has managed to bring a transformation across the global businesses today. Research has also noticed that two-thirds of the world population is now working from different places and that has highly impacted productivity.

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With the approach of 2018, collaboration technology has a lot to offer in the future years. More importantly, it might also happen that organizations become "collaborative" to "hyper-collaborative" bringing knowledge, ideas and capabilities together along with gathering data from a number of ecosystems, industries and geographies. Working and collaboration today together are not confined to four-walled offices like the traditional way. The internet has given way to work collaboratively regardless of the location from where the person is working. This geographically distributed workforces and these flexible working facilities has made work easier and also empowered employees with different experiences on technology assuring effective collaboration to drive productivity. Digital transformation is now adopted in almost all sectors across the global business.  More to it, digital transformation and collaboration are now two fundamental aspects of businesses that require special attention for new age businesses.

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