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Kitware and NICE Scale up ParaView's Remote Accessibility Feature

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

CLIFTON PARK, NY: Kitware announces partnership with NICE with the goal of boosting ParaView. Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) - the product of the latter company enables technical users to remotely access the scientific application. ParaView is an open source, multi platform data analysis and visualization application.

NICE leads Technical Computing users into the Cloud era with a mobile, secure, elastic platform. Whereas, Kitware provide flexible and economical open source solutions deal with research facilities, government institutions, and corporations worldwide. Partnership with Kitware expands the base of users who are able to experience NICE DCV benefits.

ParaView provides the ability to quickly build visualizations to analyze the data using qualitative and quantitative techniques. The data exploration can be done interactively in 3D or programmatically using ParaView’s batch processing capabilities; aiming to support ParaView users and make their experience better.ParaView runs on different machines based on the volume of datasets – supercomputers for petascale size and laptops for smaller ones.  It uses 3D technology for data exploration and distributed memory computing resources for analyzing the large volumes of datasets.  ParaView components are designed to be reusable so that the applications can be quickly built and customized.

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