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Lack of Advanced Visibility, Understanding: A Challenge in Public Cloud Adoption

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Although cloud being a burgeoning shift that everyone is craving for, there is a pause for its adoption by most of the organizations, according to the latest report from ScienceLogic.

Around 1600 IT professionals have participated in the ScienceLogic survey where majority of them said that they are already using at least one public cloud while 84 percent of the participants expect public cloud spend to boost in the coming months.

Growing Promise for Public Cloud Adoption

Currently, organizations are making strategic move to the cloud for reducing cost, mitigating risk and achieving scalability of data base capabilities. Majority of them are opting for public clouds that provide server hosting, storage and online office applications services.

The survey found that 58 percent of organizations are using Amazon Web Services (AWS), 43 percent using Microsoft Azure and 13 percent to use Google Cloud platform.

The report says that some of the organizations don’t wish to choose public cloud while some of the participants said that they are not aware of the benefits and the basic knowledge about cloud and the remaining participants criticize with security and privacy concerns.

82 percent of the participants stated that they are unable to ensure optimum performance and availability of public cloud workloads due to lack of advanced visibility into the public cloud infrastructure. And 46 percent of participants revealed that they don't know how to monitor their public cloud workloads.

Yama Habibzai, chief marketing officer, ScienceLogic said every organization are bound to lose about $4 Mn on an average per year where majority are lacking proper visibility into their clouds.

Bottlenecks in Public Cloud Adoption

Network failures being the source for maximum reported outages costs in huge for the organizations if not taken closer attention to their cloud infrastructure.

Survey reports that 26 percent of the participants are citing with network device failures, 24 percent with circuit failures and 18 percent with network configuration errors.

On average, organizations lose about $3.9 Mn, or about $12,200 per minute, annually due to network outages, and half of organizations have experienced at least one complete network outage in the past 12 months. Of those, 27 percent experienced over two hours of downtime per event.

75 percent of the participants admitted that cloud sprawls are happening within their organizations while 65 percent stated that IT has less control over the infrastructure in their public cloud environments.

"We believe the public cloud adoption will be a tectonic shift in the information technology space, and it has already started," Habibzai said. "There [are] just too many reasons not to adopt it. Major cloud infrastructure companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, plus many other players are investing billions to make it work and win in this space."

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