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New Team Productivity Software Enters the Market to Enhance Team Performance

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Businesses can now easily fix up operations and systems in moments and enhance team performance through analytics and machine learning-fueled applications.

FREMONT, CA: AVOXI, a cloud communication service provider, has launched team productivity software, AVOXI Genius, which is a cloud contact center platform integrated with the global virtual number service. The product combines over a decade of customer responses with the latest in today's technology to bring a modern and intuitive platform to global businesses. It gives firms instant visibility into customer communications, which allows them to make real-time changes to enhance the customer experience. All platform data is classified and analyzed for a beneficial presentation to the customer on trends, areas of growth, and strengths.

AVOXI Genius is used as a primary contact center or over the top of an existing phone system that allows businesses to move to a cloud platform at their own pace. The company's new launch is empowering businesses to operate more efficiently by giving them control over profiles, users, call routing, and more. They are filling a cranny in the market by providing businesses control of their contact center plus adding intelligence to improve teams and metrics.

AVOXI Genius is a web browser and operating internet connection. When the app is set up, features like live call monitoring and custom dispositions, hosted call recording, disaster recovery, inbound call routing, and many are automated. AVOXI Genius has been present in the field testing for a long time with over 1200 users, including their employees. 

A cloud communications provider, AVOXI focuses on meeting the international calling requirements of tour operators, call centers, hotels, and global enterprises looking to project a local existence. They provide telecommunications and enhanced VoIP solutions. AVOXI is the preeminent provider of cloud communications services and virtual numbers, allowing businesses of all sizes, intensify the experience they provide to their customers.

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