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OpenText Introduces Flexible Cloud Platform for Developers

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Sunday, November 22, 2020

OpenText offers developers a platform to develop custom solutions to manage information, building a community of innovators to create better enterprise applications.

FREMONT, CA: OpenText launched the OpenText Developer Cloud, a new cloud platform for application development based on OpenText information management services. OpenText offers developers a platform to develop customized solutions to manage information, establishing a community of innovators who can create better enterprise applications.

"The OpenText Developer Cloud provides access to world class APIs and tools, allowing developers to build information management solutions for today's biggest challenges," said OpenText Chief Product Officer Muhi Majzoub.

Developers now have access to a plethora of OpenText services that can be grouped into eight different categories:

Store & Manage: Allows for Content Services managing application critical information

Analyze, Report: Allows for highly interactive analytics functionality to be seamlessly embedded into the client's solutions

Capture & Digitize: Allows for automated processes that significantly reduces or eliminates data entry errors

Process & Automate: Allows for the transition from manual business processes to be automated and driven by critical data points

Search & Discover: Allows for powerful insight into your customers' data landscape, which can be used to freeze assets or dispose of liability

Integrate & Access: Allows for reliable access between apps and data sources

View & Communicate: Allows for customized creation and publication of content tailored to the targeted audience

Protect & Secure: Allows for information and end-point security to ensure ultimate privacy, compliance, and governance controls

"OpenText Developer Cloud is a set of services designed, delivered, and operated by trusted OpenText experts and partners," said Brian DeWyer, CTO and Co-founder, Reveille Software. "With OpenText Developer Cloud, modern REST API interfaces are matched with industrial strength content services to rapidly enable the creation of web or desktop Information Management apps, allowing customers and partners to place and process content where it makes sense."

OpenText will continue to bring in additional services from across the OpenText portfolio as the Developer Cloud evolves.