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Reduxio Announces New Cloud Native Storage

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA – Reduxio, a leading cloud service provider, announced the first microservices-based native storage platform that utilizes proven internet protocol (IP) to provide prompt application mobility and rich data management capabilities. Reduxio Magellan, the container-native cloud storage and data management platform, is combined with state-of-the-art microservices architecture that delivers enhanced capacity and resiliency for Kubernetes-based private, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructure used by enterprises in deploying container applications. The venture is backed by major investors such as Intel Capital, JVP, and C5 Capital.

Reduxio’s Magellan platform, rolling out in fall 2019, is designed to meet the burgeoning demand for robust and flexible cloud-native enterprise cloud solutions. The cloud data platform uses the new patent-pending IP for data mobility, enabling seamless unification of multiple infrastructure islands into unified data clouds for applications with data management capabilities.

The Magellan platform is designed to overcome the drawbacks in data and application portability, leveraging the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies to deliver flexibility in application modernization. In three years, the cloud storage market is predicted to be valued at $97 billion, fueled by the shift to cloud-native applications.

Reduxio delivers advanced storage solutions, integrating cloud-native storage approaches with instant data and application mobility to allow quick access and movement on the cloud and across clouds. The Reduxio platforms are designed to simplify data centers, reduce costs, and eliminate errors. 

The deployment of containers is accelerating the incorporation of hybrid and multi-cloud IT strategies. According to the estimates by Gartner, 75 percent of global organizations will adopt containerized workloads in production, a significant improvement from today’s figure of less than 30 percent.

The growth of container-native storage market is fueled by cloud-native applications such as Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, data processing applications such as Apache, Spark, Hadoop, and the shift toward GPU computing.  However, most of the containerized applications run on storage systems created for on-premise workloads.

However, as a container-native service provider, the Reduxio Magellan platform is built on a microservices architecture. It delivers enhanced portability and scalability required by cloud-native applications, ensuring cost-effective and efficient infrastructure. The increase in adoption of container and cloud technologies has facilitated large room for improvement and growth of cloud-native platform technologies. To meet the demand, Reduxio is developing solutions to analyze, store, and share large amounts of data. 

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