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Role of Cloud Security in Federal Agencies

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 02, 2019

As we are moving towards 2020, cloud computing security also continues to evolve around the world rapidly. Nowadays, cloud adoption is surging almost everywhere including public sector companies too. Many federal agencies are being equipped with cloud computing tools. This states that most of the nation-critic data will now reside in the cloud.

What do federal agencies need to consider when navigating the path to the cloud?

Migrating existing workloads to cloud environments is a right approach for many public and private sector companies. For each cl

oud migration phase, the organization should consider the new mode of operations. Especially, federal agencies need to consider security implications as these handle more sensitive or classified data.

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However, moving to the cloud is beneficial to some extent, but in some instances, it is facing challenges due to lack of extensive communication between the security team, development and operation teams. This lessens an agency's grip on certain policies, and it is creating a trade-off between agility and visibility. This issue becomes most prominent when subsequent cloud-based security incidents occur.

Security teams should discover their existing tools, processes or visibility is insufficient or obsolete, and they must ensure the efficiency and agility by moving towards a relatively new approach to generate better security solutions.

In these days many private sector companies have started to embed security into a combined DevOps model, few federal agencies have yet to embrace this approach due to organizational inertia. Security professionals need to find application vulnerabilities consistently that may happen with software development.

Best practices for cloud security

With the incremental accessibility for cloud services across the organization, security teams need to identify malicious software components systematically. This approach results in prevention of nation-level cybersecurity attacks in national organizations.

Security teams should focus on accrediting the entire cloud service components to build mechanisms for security controls by leveraging the best practices within each cloud service.

In today's environment, security can no longer be viewed as a last priority. Migrating to the cloud is inevitable for many federal organizations which offer many benefits, and at the same time, there is a need to step into hybrid security models before deployment of cloud computing tools.

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