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Safe-T Box 6.0 Enhances Security on Cloud Exchange Activities

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, July 08, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Safe-T, a provider of Secure Data Exchange Broker solution, launched Safe-T Box 6.0. It is designed to rapidly add security and control across a wide variety of data exchange patterns for enterprises of all types including to and from the Cloud.

With the addition of the Secure Cloud Access Broker, Safe-T Box provides a unified Secure Data Exchange Broker solution with one easy to use interface termed as Smart Transfer which consolidates secure email, file transfers,mobile communications, and cloud data protection all in a single on premise solution. This new solution will track all cloud file transfer activities, provide automated security policy enforcement on all cloud exchanged traffic, and encrypt shared files with password access.

Secure Data Exchange Broker solution enables organizations to share, control and secure data exchange of any type and size between people, applications, cloud solutions, and businesses. It includes an extra level of protection by performing data leak prevention (DLP) before data leaves premises rather than in the cloud, by scanning downloaded files using anti-virus solutions, and by preventing automatic data synchronization to and from the cloud, which is often the source of attacks.

“With the addition of the Secure Cloud Access Broker, Safe-T Box enables our customers to consolidate all of their data exchange patterns in a unified solution, eliminating the need to invest time and money on multiple solutions from multiple vendors. In addition to the improved usability and lower operational costs, using a uniform method to secure data exchanges reduces the risk that a security breach will go undetected,” said Amir Mizhar, Chief Software Officer and Founder, Safe-T.