Cloud Computing Outlook

Significance of DevOps in the Era of Cloud

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, April 03, 2018

DevOps is all about bringing development and operations teams come together. The DevOps culture is to streamline the progress of all the applications from the point of their requirement to its production. It is believed in the digital era that as the level of collaboration increases, the potential for enhanced quality and efficiency also increases parallelly. DevOps was evolved around the rise of cloud computing, which is crucial for providing a point of central deployment for carrying out operations of an organization. So, DevOps is taking into account that organizations are constantly developing and deploying applications, around the concept of continuous improvement.

Enterprises at present are either building a new DevOps to their organization and processes, or they are improvising existing ones to leverage the value of cloud computing. The presence of DevOps to an organization is no longer a choice but a necessity to remain responsive to market developments. A successful transition to the DevOps atmosphere is more involved about people and the way they work in concert to deliver products in innovative ways.

However, still there are quite a few enterprises that are adopting cloud and DevOps. Present day organizations understand the importance of cutting the extra costs related with building a DevOps organization and related tools. Considering the fact that organizations also need various other factors to add security and the other subcomponents that make cloud computing work, DevOps is something that can fit into everyone budget line. Hence, drawing to the conclusion, DevOps and cloud computing are functionally tightly coupled.