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Tesora's TroveSpeed Program Speeds-Up OpenStack Trove Setup

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

CAMBRIDGE, MA: Tesora, a company bringing OpenStack Trove Database as a Service (DBaaS) to the enterprise broadcasts its TroveSpeed Program to let OpenStack users uncover the features and benefits of Trove DBaaS.

Trove is the database as a service OpenStack component that lets administrators and DevOps manage multiple instances of different database management systems (DBMS) using a common infrastructure. It helps in assuring administrative tasks such as provisioning, deployment, monitoring and administration.

The TroveSpeed Program is a 4 week long program that combines the Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition with online training, installation support, provides configuration services, technical help, consulting and results presentation. With the support program, Trove DBaaS Platform can be setup within hours to provide a provision and manage databases on demand, claims the company.

“The emergence of public cloud platforms means that many organizations today are familiar with the time-to-market and agility benefits that come from using self-service databases, not many, however, have implemented database as a service solutions internally. We created our TroveSpeed program to help enterprises see the full benefits of DBaaS through OpenStack Trove while reducing the time and effort associated with installing and configuring it, ” says Ken Rugg, CEO, Tesora.

TroveSpeed has self-service database provisioning and life-cycle management, popular databases such as Cassandra, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Percona, and PostgreSQL can be managed through a single, consistent pane, access to deploy in private, public and hosted private clouds and customer support from Tesora.