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The Inevitability to Keep your Cloud Environment Secure

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Here in this article, we discuss some of the best security practices the IT teams should adopt to keep their cloud environment secure

Fremont, CA: Using disruptive technology proves to be beneficial as long as the security is taken care of. An infinite number of business technologies are being developed and released because of the increasing amount of digital transformation initiatives taken over the years. Just developing and releasing of technologies are not fruitful if the safety and security of these technologies are ignored. The cybersecurity threats can invade any technology, thus possessing a gloom of threat to the business. Understanding and implementing the best security practices is crucial for any business environment and the same goes for cloud computing technology too.

The security of the cloud environment is equally important for any business. Various cloud usages and needs require different cloud security strategies. Despite the differences, there are some standard cloud security practices that any company should have in their armory. Here in this article, we discuss some of the best security practices that the IT team should adopt to keep their cloud environment secure.

Access Control Management

The data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and also by anyone who just has the internet and access permission. Security is okay for the 'anywhere' and 'anytime' aspect, but definitely not with the 'anyone' prospect. The access permission must be wisely given to the right IT team, under whom the data are safe and secure. Different users can be assigned specific rights and access policies, which demarcates a line between the low-level cloud users and high-level security administrators.

Data Encryption

Any data stored in the cloud can be prone to cyberattacks. Data moving both to and from the cloud environment must be adequately protected and encrypted. Cloud service providers have the responsibility to encrypt data in the public cloud servers. They must display clear policies and guidelines on data encryption to the users.

Regular Monitoring for Threats

Earlier, security solutions were focused on defending the threats once the system is attacked. In today's scenario, where data is regarded as the new oil, one cannot wait for the attack. It is advised to monitor and run security checks on the cloud infrastructure regularly. Regularly monitoring the cloud environment can discover hidden malware, and users can take proactive steps to remove them.

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