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The Next Stage of Transformation in Cloud Ramps up Business and its Reputation

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How cloud computing plays a crucial part in ruling and judgments in a legacy business

Fremont, CA: The word digital transformation has become a euphemism for modernization, migrating from legacy on-premises systems to cloud computing. However, real digital transformation is a foundational change in which an organization imparts value to both its employees and customers. 

CXOs are always facing the threat of being digitally disrupted by native startups. They are always looking into building smarter enterprises that are characterized by productivity, innovation, and newer business models. Legacy enterprises are, in turn, transforming with cloud computing, driven by transparent business practices. 

Cloud Computing is all-encompassing in Businesses:

Top 10 Hybrid Integration Solution Companies - 2018Cloud platforms help CXOs deliver value in all tasks involved in the business, as it typically fulfills the expected outcomes. For the CHRO, the expected results include positive employee engagement and experience, other than adaptive sourcing and management of talent. The CMO can depend on enhanced customer acquisition and retention along with improved returns on investment on campaign orchestration, online advertising, and analytics that lead to superior brand recognition. The cloud computing tech empowers the CSOs by providing scalable and predictive revenue engines, greater management of forecasts, and contracts. The expected outcomes for a CFO include cost optimization and an increase in profits. 

Partnering with an Expert Brings in Higher Revenues:

It is a challenging task for the CIOs to keep up with the quick pace of revolutionary technological changes, and transforming an entire enterprise into a cloud-centric organization is impossible for the in-house IT departments. Enterprises cannot afford to get distracted with such implementation processes; instead, they should focus on efforts of cloud-powered transformation initiatives and value discovery of the business. What is essential to the company is a competent cloud consulting partner that has a demonstrated ability to drive enterprise transformation, armed with investments in the enterprise architecture. A suite of industry solutions and proven methodologies. 

More importantly, the action of playing field where an enterprise requires clarity and highlights a business problem. The company’s cloud partner should have the ability to assist the enterprise in solving a problem utilizing their cloud platform. This should preferably be open source with attached reference architectures among workloads and customer requirements.

As the future landscape appears more and more complex, organizations must immediately shift their focus towards the business outcomes and digital transformation through the cloud with the right. It can turn out to be the right partner. 

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