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Transfer Service for on-premise dataThe New Storage Service by Google Cloud

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, December 20, 2019

According to Google Cloud it is reliable and secures to protect users from data-transfer errors and in case of any failures, the data doesn’t get lost. Even the transfer times can be minimized by using organization’s available bandwidth

Fremont, CA: Storage has always been an issue with massive software companies. Data is no longer regarded as the cost of doing business; rather has become a valuable asset and potential source of competitive advantage. Data fuels the powers of advanced technologies like machine learning and AI.

Technology itself has provided a solution to the problem of storing data, and that is the cloud. Most industry giants are now slowly moving to cloud i.e., moving their data to the cloud and sitting carefree. To add to the benefit of this, Google Cloud developed a new software service that helps organizations to accomplish large-scale, online data transfers.

The aim is to help take the complications out of data transfers and make data faster easier like existing online tools. "In migrating to the cloud, enterprises can realize the full value of their data—building new apps and experiences faster and accessing analytics and machine learning solutions to generate new insights," Ash Ahluwalia, product manager at Google Cloud, told 5 Minute Briefing. "But getting data to the cloud is often challenging. The current transfer options for on-premises-to-cloud can be time-consuming and complex, with offline transfers requiring additional logistical support and online transfers through gsutil lacking the scale for petabyte-level, over-network transfers."

The new service, known as "Transfer Service for on-premise data," which is now in the beta, will enable businesses to complete large-scale, over-network batch transfers from on-premise sources to Google Cloud Storage. Transfer Service for on-premises data is a managed solution that enables organizations to move their data without making any changes to the existing custom software or investing in an off-the-shelf solution.

According to Google Cloud, it is reliable and secure to protect users from data transfer errors, and in case of any failures, the data doesn't get lost. Even the transfer times can be minimized by using the organization's available bandwidth. The transfer service requires no code or maintenance when the performance is optimized from the application to the transport layer.

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