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Vonage Enhances Artificial Intelligence Capabilities of OneVonage Platform

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Vonage acquires Assets to enhance the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of OneVonage Platform and boost their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ability.

FREMONT, CA: Vonage, a global business cloud communications leader, acquires assets from, a Tel Aviv-based voice and conversational AI provider for enterprise communications.

Vonage is acquiring's technical team and intellectual property from, an AI technology platform co-founded and co-owned by musician Through this talent acquisition, Vonage gains technology expertise in an AI-based communication platform.'s product and engineering team of 23 unifies with Vonage's R&D technology hub in Tel Aviv, constituting a team of more than 100 high-tech professionals. This expert team works together to lead the revolution from Voice over IP to Voice over AI.'s Voice and Conversational AI technology platform provides intelligent virtual assistant functionality via APIs for businesses to boost their Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It can handle complex interactions like real-time human-like interactions over phone lines. Powered by AI-driven capabilities, the new combined platform ensures a balance between automation and human support in business communications.

Vonage will incorporate the VoAI (or "Voice over AI") technology, including its proprietary speech to text and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithms. It can also accelerate the communication capabilities of its platforms such as the Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) and the NewVoiceMedia contact center. The technology integrated with Vonage significantly lowers operational cost compared with the technologies used in silos.

With this merge, Vonage is heading forward in the communication market, making every conversation smarter. The technology will empower Vonage to provide an exceptional experience for the customers and provides them with a superior treatment. The natural language conversation notably reduces the wait times and effectively addresses customer issues. Although Vonage has been disrupting the massive communication market as a leader, the acquisition will enhance its ability to help businesses create new and amazing customer experiences.

Vonage's acquisition of augments Vonage's Applications and API Platform solutions to support 'Voice over AI,' thereby redefines Interactive Voice Response. provides the new tools for next-generation AI-enhanced contact center, including onboarding, monitoring, and reporting, to operate AI natural language conversations.

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