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Can Data Management Get Better With NetApp's New Storage Solution?

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Reliable data storage solutions allow businesses to develop advanced data fabric strategies to increase their digital evolution.

FREMONT, CA: Along with the industries that experience digitalization, the data they generate also increase rapidly. It becomes difficult for companies to store and manage the vast troves of data. The demand for high-class storage systems also eventually sees a rise. To satisfy the storage and data management requirements of the organizations, NetApp recently revealed the NetApp ONTAP 9.6, which is a new midrange, end-to-end NVMe AFF A320 storage system, along an expanded portfolio of services to help businesses, maximize the value of their information.

The flash solutions that are connected with the cloud form a vital element of the Data Fabric Strategy that helps the simplicity, operation effectiveness, and security needed to strengthen the innovation. NetApp systems are extensively leveraged across the world. The latest releases offer unparalleled performance and powerful abilities to the challenging data sets and technologies, including AI and 5G networks. NetApp additionally delivers robust solutions for companies to help them create their exclusive Data Fabric spanning public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise environments. Backed by NetApp solutions, Data Fabric offers strong applications that keep the users engaged and provides analytics, which can be utilized to produce insights and gain competitive benefits.

The evolution of enterprises, digitally, is leading to the generation of data-centric business structures. Data forms a significant strategic resource for organizations. The cloud-connected flash solutions, when coupled with the Data Fabric strategy, offers improved performance, accessibility, agility, and simplicity for enterprises, which go through digital alteration.

The accomplishment of organizations in the digital landscape relies on their capability to generate, collect, and distribute massive volumes of data. The robust ability offered by NetApp ONTAP empowers the businesses to defeat the challenges involved in the integration of data-intensive technologies and progressive innovations. The powerful, smart, and trusted solutions extensively optimize the value of data.

The NetApp solutions take full advantage of the value in the hybrid cloud by flawlessly accelerating applications and promoting security for sophisticated infrastructure. The ONTAP 9.6 data management software supports organizations of every size to come up with more innovative as well as data-driven initiatives.

Industry’s first end-to-end NVMe system, NetApp’s AFF A800, offers industry-leading performance and unsurpassed data services supported by efficiency guarantee. The abilities help the organizations to accelerate conventional and emerging enterprise applications, including AI, deep learning, analytics, and databases with low latency.