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How Cloud-Based Data Management Helps Businesses?

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, December 02, 2019

Cloud-based data management tool helps business professionals access notable data analysis enhancement for long-term benefits.  

FREMONT, CA: The CEO of Information Builders, Frank J. Vella says that the digital environment creates a pace of innovation and demands for faster time-to-value, which are entirely different from the early market situation. The company's cloud-native WebFOCUS enables the users to speed up the access actionable insights on demand and business requirements. The company's expertise in business intelligence, data analytics, and data management, offers an optimized platform, WebFOCUS for cloud environment usage. The cloud-first WebFOCUS can ease the enhancements in deployment, packaging, data connectivity, data preparation, and visualization. The cloud-based solution creates a streamlined workflow by revamping user experience and increasing the user's trust.

Eric Raab, SVP of Product and Engineering of Information Builders, believes that the superior management, availability, and scalability of the cloud-based applications bring unique capabilities to enterprise solutions. The WebFOCUS Data Management and Analytics Platform in the cloud by Information Builders provide cloud-based business intelligence platforms to the users. The advanced cloud-first WebFOCUS help the professionals to utilize the cloud ecosystem entirely for accessing improved management and unlimited scalability. The Information Builders' cloud-based managed services are updated in every two weeks with new features. The strategical design for ongoing maintenance of the WebFOCUS delivers time-to-value, ease-of-use, analytics outputs, and flexibility.

Information Builders offers its expertise in business intelligence, data analytics, and data management solutions, to improve the business operations and monetize the business data through insights and data-driven action. The company's cloud-based platform for enhancing the data quality delivers data value instantly, with limited information risk. Information Builders believes that data and analytics can drive digital transformation; hence, the company aims to help business professionals to capitalize on new opportunities by connecting the world.

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