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Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Cloud computing is continuously flooding the technology world with innovations and growing as a platform for enterprises. It exhibits a plethora of benefits, attracting companies to shift from traditional technologies towards cloud computing. A combination of cloud services and blockchain technology has become popular and is expected to grow into a core business soon, while the adaptation of cloud tools and services for other applications is on the cards. The latest of the tools are mentioned below:  

• SaaS ecosystems

Software as a service is ever-growing and flexible in terms of functionality for both user and companies. SaaS providers have started building more sustainable and stronger ecosystems to accommodate their growth and development. The SaaS industry is expected to further its investments in resource planning, human resources, logistics, and customer support.

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• Server-less cloud computing

Server-less computing is the newest, cheapest, and most efficient method of hosting applications. In a server-less cloud computing system, users need not deal with the architecture on which the applications are hosted. The server-less platform performs the codes written with the usage of finite resources. In case of any event triggered by the end-user, it manages the request and completes the task. 

• Security in cloud computing

Data security has been the primordial concern in cloud technology as it has been a tough challenge to avoid any cyber theft during the migrations.  As the demand for cloud computing rises, the chance of data corruption also increases proportionally, and special measures are yet to be identified to protect the data.

As the companies migrate to cloud technology, all critical operations and support will be accessed through the cloud network. Since the company cannot confine the use of remote access and endpoints, protection of devices and the connection with the cloud will be of utmost importance.

• Specialized cloud services

The cloud computing renders services in different models such as Infrastructure-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service, and SaaS. There are specialized services produced solely for mobile technology, blockchain integration, and more. These are specialized cloud services which are the newest innovations predicted to become popular in the coming years. Cloud computing is expected to produce revolutionary applications in the coming years. Although the fair idea of what the innovations include is known, it will be astonishing considering the pace at which cloud computing is changing. 

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