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OneLogin to associate with BIC Graphics in their Transformation to Cloud-based Infrastructure

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, June 06, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Nestled in San Francisco, the renowned access management service provider, OneLogin associates with BIC Graphics, to develop cloud-based platforms as access management solutions. With the services offered by OneLogin, BIC Graphics is looking to make access streamlined, better the security, and improve employee experience overall.

OneLogin’s single sign-on and identity management platform offers the perfect set of solutions for BIC Graphic, which is a company that promotes products and provides supply chain security. The need to deal with remote employees necessitated the replacement of the on-premises infrastructure with a cloud-based one. With this service provider, it becomes simple for companies to migrate to the clouds while enabling identity management, improved security, and convenient integration with current infrastructure.

Moving to the cloud can be very demanding for companies and requires a substantial amount of expertise. Handing over the functions to service providers is advantageous as a company can reduce the burden on the IT teams while increasing efficiency and making functioning cost-effective. Also, a unified platform allows all applications to be managed and modified at one place while networks and devices also get synchronized.

Business integrity is a desirable characteristic, and many firms aspire for it. A modern approach to drive business has made companies ambitious, but they lack the means to carry out operational transformations across the whole enterprise. OneLogin is a leader in the access management industry and helps make technology accessible through their tools. Their platform, Unified Access Management (UAM) enables clients to increase their productivity through the devices present on the platform. OneLogin has a worldwide presence with a growing customer base.