Cloud Computing Outlook

Strategies to Strengthen Security for Companies Migrating to Cloud

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, June 03, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The trend of businesses migrating to cloud-based platforms is showing no signs of slowing down. An increasing number of companies are opting for cloud services given the benefits like cost savings, agility, and scalability in business. A company that has a technologically sound team might find it comparatively easier than companies without specialized tech teams when it comes to addressing the security risks. To be able to adequately protect the vast amounts of data they put on the clouds, the companies should be proactively looking at the concerns and try to eliminate as many as possible objectively. Several concerns need a clear understanding on the part of the company. For example, if a company is using identity management, the company should ideally go for a directory. To keep identities in directory mandates that the security is perfected at that level to ensure no vulnerabilities in the catalog.

Having a security system is the first step while monitoring the efficiency and the operations of the system are the next important step. Vulnerabilities can be eliminated with a proper strategy to check if all the security operations are running smoothly. A system that is continuously monitored and updated with the latest information can effectively enhance security performance of a company. Ensuring compliance is also vital to this end. Compliance management can protect a company by pointing out instances whenever the company is non-complaint and save it from facing damages.

Centralization is something that can significantly benefit the security prospects of a company. This technique helps in integrating the various functions, thereby bridging security gaps and making monitoring seamless and secure. Each of the discussed aspects carries a lot of importance for the cloud security scenario, but the essential requirement to drive any of it requires a foolproof plan. The process of migrating to a cloud is a long term one and can have varying levels of implications during the process of transformations. So companies should take cognizance and review the security aspects, including the policies and regulations diligently.