Cloud Computing Outlook

The Industries that are on the Forefront of Cloud Computation

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, April 13, 2018

Cloud Computation has indeed emerged as the cutting-edge factor for competitive advantage.  Businesses across industries have come to recognize the unprecedented benefits that cloud offers, both at the levels of internal operations and customer management. Be it the ability to access the remotest of applications anytime, anywhere, computation scalability, or robust disaster recovery; cloud computation is indeed the penultimate benefactor for businesses.

However, it is no surprise that entertainment and construction have emerged as the leading proponents of cloud computation, leveraging it to reap tremendous benefits. As the internet enters the center stage for accessing entertainment, the consumers today do not just demand more content but want it to be faster and better. And, paralleling alongside this is the burgeoning piracy platforms, thus, compelling the entertainment industry to adopt a more innovative distribution approach, namely cloud-based media platforms. An evident success model remains that of Netflix.

Coming to construction, the cloud-based building information modeling (BIM) has emerged as a key tool to help construction companies provision collaborative designing of plans, allocate accurate duties in advance and have centralized data access across teams. Also, many companies are also reaping great benefits of reinforced workforce flexibility, heightened mobility and synchronized drawing revisions by making advancing investments on virtualized graphics workstations, storage systems, and more. With such is the state of these two industries, there is no doubt that cloud computing will very soon make its presence in more and more industries.