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Trends in Cloud Computing that are here to Stay

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, November 06, 2020

Industries are growing in a record-breaking pace with the adoption of cloud computing. The technology is going strong and shows no sign of backing down over the next few years.

FREMONT, CA: Today, Cloud technology has become more than a buzzword by rendering new and exciting opportunities for corporations and companies. It is significantly altering the business landscape by providing enhanced flexibility, security, and scalability. With the tempo of its accelerated growth, it will be interesting to witness the future of cloud computing. The five trends to watch out in the world of cloud computing are: 

Mobile Cloud Computing: The Next Big Word

Mobile applications are built, operated, and hosted using mobile cloud computing. It is a significant part of the cloud computing sector, a mix of cloud and mobile computing, along with wireless networks, creates a lasting impression on the end-users. This innovation is predicted to grow throughout 2020, enabling higher quality mobile applications across a number of mobile devices with attention to user experience. 

Artificial Intelligence is Growing Smarter

By using AI to extend big data applications is an important upgrade in business intelligence data collection. The innovations in this area are giving superior comprehension to business functions by automating and managing their processes with enhanced speed and accuracy. The core competencies of AI, like system recognition, machine learning, and intelligent robotics, are enabling enterprises to scale up and manage big data in the most efficient way possible. 

Dynamic Management through Serverless Computing

The question if serverless computing is a fad or future is set to attain a definitive answer by the end of the New Year. Serverless computing allows the users to write code at the functional level and will enable the cloud vendor to decide the underlying cloud infrastructure and its impact. With its implementation, one no longer has to plan out infrastructure costs, administrative functions, and threats included while managing servers. 

Transforming Paradigm with Edge Computing

The most systematic approach for changing the way data is being managed, processed, and presented is controlled by edge computing. 5G wireless, IoT, and other high-speed networking tech enable the execution and analysis of data at the edge of its network for streamlining cloud computing and for the provision of real-time data analytics as well as analysis.

Hybrid Cloud: One Solvent for All Cloud Solutions

hybrid cloud adoption allows businesses to make swift transitions to the cloud, depending on the costs. This innovation interlays multiple private and public clouds within a single system. An enterprise can possess numerous clouds, both private and public, including hybrid clouds that are either connected or not, if it adopts the hybrid cloud computing technology. This feature is predicted to dominantly rule the business models soon. 

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