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Uila Collaborates with Niagara Networks to Improve Hybrid Cloud Deployments

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, June 03, 2019

FREMONT, CA – Uila Inc., a leading provider of monitoring and analytics solution for hybrid enterprises, partnered with Niagara Networks, a premier developer of security and visibility layer. The collaboration is aimed at delivering a comprehensive visibility solution for seamless analysis into the dynamic data in virtual environments, including data centers and deployments. The solution will also help in the effective integration of infrastructure, virtualization, application, and security.

Uila Inc. has delivered monitoring and analytics solutions to major hybrid enterprises over the years. Its solution has assisted IT operation and cloud IT teams in visualizing the application workload dependencies between the cloud platforms. The enhanced monitoring features have also enabled the successful assignment of investments and resources, including efficient workload migration strategies for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments. The full-stack correlation and deep packet inspection technology enables IT teams to identify performance bottlenecks for business-critical services.

Niagara Networks, on the other hand, aids organizations in enhancing their administration, security, performance management, and network monitoring through its high-performance network visibility solutions. Over the years, its solutions have helped organizations to augment network operation expenses, downtime, and total cost of ownership. The company enables an advanced visibility adaption layer at all data rates up to 100 GB, including bypass elements, packet brokers, taps, and a unified management layer.

The evolution of data center architecture in recent years has empowered the companies to deploy large-scale, distributed, secured, multi-tier applications across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. A distinct architecture has emerged in the market, which includes resource sharing, physical infrastructure, and virtualization capabilities to enhance the delivery of business-critical services. The lateral movement of data in a virtualized environment can make it difficult to remove malware in data centers, which makes monitoring a vital function for IT teams.

The main goal of the collaboration is to provide a highly scalable solution and architecture through a distributed deployment of virtual smart taps in private and hybrid cloud environments to monitor the traffic. The robust network packet broker developed by Niagara Networks will enable the traffic to be tunnelled from the virtualized environments to specific network service, monitoring devices, performance management, and security devices. The unique offering will not only empower the customers to monitor applications, network, and infrastructure, but also identify known, suspicious, and unknown traffic moving in the integrated physical, virtual, and cloud networks.